This is how a smog-free world looks like

This a a world covered with smog

That is a smog-free environment

In the VAPE project, we experiment withaugmented reality to find out how the multisensory experience of air pollution influences behavior.

The outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic created a natural experiment conditions for scientists. After restrictions and lockdowns had been introduced, in many of the most polluted places in the world, such as Delhi and Wuhan, air quality visibly changed overnight. This created an opportunity to measure not only atmospheric processes in place. Data collected during this period, from satellites and monitoring stations, allow to determine how quickly and how large benefits of air quality improvement can appear. Before the pandemic, it was possible to estimate the impact of pollutants using models and simulations, but at that time it could be measured on the spot.

On this occasion, unique photo reportages were created, showing what the future may look like in a world with clean air. Pictures are available here:

  1., “How Covid gave the world a lesson in tackling air pollution”
  2., “Before-and-after photos show the dramatic effect lockdowns had on pollution around the world in 2020”
  3. Magazyn Pismo, “Smog nasz powszechny”