Virtual Air Pollution Experience

We investigate how multisensory virtual experience impacts real environmental behaviours. Thanks to cutting-edge mixed-reality solution, we will present real-time pollution data. Here you can read more about our research.

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VR headset


Air pollution is one of the most urgent problems in urban areas. The sources of air pollution in cities are mainly traffic, domestic heating, and industries. It has severe health and environmental consequences, and what can you do to improve the air in your area.

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Kjære venner…


Do you live in Halden, Norway?

Would you like to have an air quality sensor on your house and contribute to science development? Great! Here you can learn more and sign up!


first sensors mounted!

We’re happy to announce that today the first 25% of air quality sensors were mounted in Myszków and will be online in the upcoming week. If you wish to have placed on your house, don’t hesitate and fill the form!


To people of Norway: What are your thoughts on air pollution?

Hva synes du om luftforurensningen rundt deg? Del din mening som en del av det internasjonale forskningsprosjektet VAPE (Virtual Air Pollution Experience)!VAPE-prosjektet undersøker hva som påvirker luftforurensning og hvordan vi kan motvirke det. Vi ønsker å finne ut hva slags holdning du har til luftkvaliteten i ditt miljø. Din mening er veldig viktig for oss. […]


Official launch event

Czyste powietrze dla przyszłości: Nauka Sztuka Środowisko XRealityMyszków, 18-19 września 2020 r. Program 18 września 2020, Dom kultury w Myszkowie 12.00 – 14.00Rejestracja i poczęstunek 14.00 – 14.40 Powitanie14:40 – 15:00 Główne wystąpienie Wydarzenie artystyczne: Aleksandra Karpowicz 15:00 – 16.00 Panel z udziałem ekspertów16.00 – 16.15 ZamknięcieZe względu na zmieniającą się sytuację epidemiologiczną, wydarzenie będzie […]


We got it!

This is how happy we were with the results of the Idealab workshop.



do I pollute?*

Answer several short questions about your heating habits and check how much you pollute with your heating habits.

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