How does multisensory virtual experience 
impact environmental behaviour?

The project aims to understand how multisensory virtual experience impacts real environmental behaviours. It uses mixed and virtual reality, various measurements of behavioural change, real time pollution data visualisation, and economics to reach that goal.

Air pollution is a serious threat to public health. The main source of the problem are cars and heating habits. Using coal and trash for heating, as well as wood in a fireplace for pleasure, leads to exceeding quickly the daily norms of air pollution. Even though the harmfulness of air pollution and its relationships with our daily behaviour is commonly known, the problem persists. But what if we could see, touch, and hear pollution? Would that encourage us to change our behaviour and improve our health? Our team, using virtual reality and cooperating with local communities, will investigate how multisensory experience of air pollution influences the air quality in Poland and Norway.

Air Pollution